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Why should I use marble, granite or quartz for my kitchen worktops?

Our beautifully crafted granite, marble and quartz kitchen worktops are extremely durable, hygienic, easy to maintain and come with a 15 year warranty against staining (more information can be found in our FAQ).

They will keep your kitchen looking as stunning as the day they were fitted for years to come, whether it's to blend in with and compliment your existing interior or provide a focal point for a new design... a real investment in the future.

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Choosing the perfect kitchen worktop can be difficult, especially with all of the kitchen showrooms and options that are available. South Yorkshire Marble have a huge range of marble, granite and quartz materials and have the knowledge to advise you of the best choice for your environment, such as a family kitchen or even a showroom kitchen.

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Made to measure

No matter the size and layout of your kitchen, the South Yorkshire Marble team can visit your home or workplace and perfectly measure your space so that your new kitchen surfaces fit perfectly. No compromises or gaps, our quality materials will be made to measure and will look amazing.

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We don’t just supply kitchen worktops, we carry out the whole process which includes the installation of kitchen surfaces. We make sure that the surfaces that you choice and fitted to the highest quality and done safely and secured properly for complete peace of mind.

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Our team are knowledgeable on all types of kitchen worktops and surfaces, speak to our design team today.

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